Friday, March 6, 2009


plaxoI always had the following problem… SYNCHRONIZING!! Trying to sync all my contacts and calendars from all my different sources. It’s SUCH a mission to do this.

I tried different methods, even a few online solutions, but was never happy until I found the new Plaxo version. I must be honest, one of the solutions I tried a few years ago was Plaxo, and I was not very impressed, but from those early years they have come a LONG way.

The other thing I like about Plaxo is that all your data is available anywhere where you have internet access (for those times you leave your phone at home or don’t have your computer with you).

They make it really easy to sync your contacts from different sources. I sync my outlook, Gmail and hotmail accounts. (Sometimes Gmail does not sync well – but this is due to Gmail not allowing outside sources to update its data) What is also nice is once you have connected to someone else on Plaxo and they change their details, you will have their updated information immediately.

Finally I can add appointments to any of my different calendars and know that I will see it when I go into any of my Calendar clients (obviously I must have synced it all first).

feedsWith pulse you can share all the interesting things you find on the internet, including your Picasa Web albums, things on flickr, YouTube videos, your blogs and much more. There is even a client you can install on your computer which will give you updates on all of this.

plaxo2 I sync my mobile phone with outlook, so I have my contacts and calendar entries of the calendars I choose to sync with, with me all the time. I know their is also a mobile client for Plaxo, but the last time I had a look you had to pay.

Well, for my use and needs Plaxo is just what I needed and the new look and feel gives you the idea that they will keep on upgrading their services for years to come.

I you need to sync your calendars perfectly, I would recommend you download Plaxo here.

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