Wednesday, March 4, 2009


logoMy wife and I LOVE to take photos :) No really… we are like Japanese tourists when it comes to photos (as the saying goes).

Because of that we have TONS of photos. For our Honeymoon alone we had about 1450 photos and for our December twelve day holiday close to 800. So obviously we needed a way to look for sorting it, finding it and sharing it.

I then came across Picasa, which is a free application to do just what I wanted to AND MORE. It has plug-ins which one can install which will add lots of other functions, but more about that in a later article. For now lets look at the main features.


Sort and Organize
You can either view photos by the folder they are in or you can create albums. The nice thing about this is that one photo can also be in more than one album without having to make a copy. You can also add captions and much more. You can also do certain searches on photos you have, which then makes it easy to find.


You can easily upload your photos to Picasa Web Albums, Blogger or even Facebook in order to share it with your friends. Facebook sharing is an add-on I will blog about in feature.


You can also edit your photos: the typical rotate, fixing red eyes, cropping and some more advanced effects like getting rid of scratches and problems on the actual photo. There are much more you can do with Picasa which really makes it my choice of photo organizing software.


Be Creative
For those who have more time to be creative you can even create slide-shows, movies, collages. We usually use Picasa to show our friends all our trigger happy shots from our last trips.

I think you will really enjoy this application. Since its free you’ve got nothing to loose really :) Get it here.

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