Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photo Fun

You will LOVE this!

I will talk about two online sites where you can have FREE fun with photos. You remember a while back you could mms your photo to some server and they would return a warped image of the original. Well – this is ALMOST the same idea, just WAY more fun and WAY more advanced.

Its very cool and I love sending photos like these to people I know. Please note that some of the photo effects I don’t approve of – but there are MANY nice ones you can use.

PhotoFun3The first one is called
Fun Photo Box. I only discovered this one today and will shortly send my wife a nice new image.


There are SO many effects to choose from and apparently it will grow every week.

I’ve had SO much fun with online applications like these.
Basically ALL you do is:
- Select an effect you want.
- Upload your personal photo.
- Let it create the new image.


PhotoFun1The second one I will introduce you to is PhotoFunia. This was actually the first site I ran into which did this.

PhotoFun2 They also have many options and it works pretty much in the same way Fun Photo Box does.

We’ve had quite a few people laugh at these funny effects.

So if you wish, go make someone’s day and sent then a picture from Fun Photo Box or PhotoFunia.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remote Control my Laptop

Have you ever wanted to remote control your laptop.

Well, I knew this was possible but never really gave it a second thought… …until my wife and I started watching Prison Break on the Laptop. We plug it into the TV for better viewer experience. The thing is the Laptop is JUST too far to reach and I would LOVE to pause the episode now and again.

After having to run to the Laptop every few minutes I decided to get a remote for my laptop. I thought of buying a Wii console and then write an application for it until a friend of mine reminded me about free Bluetooth applications over your phone.

I did a Google search and found THIS site.  RemoteControl

Basically with this software, you will be able to control remotely your desktop mouse, Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, PowerDVD etc. You can also set it up tp pause your favourite music software when the phone rings, then resume play when you hang up. In future you’ll also be able to add your own application.

This Bluetooth remote control application is definitely in the lines of what I was looking to get and can’t wait to test it the next time my wife and I want to pause an episode.