Friday, March 27, 2009


imageThis is truly one of my favourite programs of all time.

I’m someone who LOVES technology, I also LOVE finding all the deeper meanings and jewels in scripture, so if a program can combine the two it’s a MUST have for me. E-Sword is a remarkable system in that it breaks open the true meaning of scripture (well, as far as technology and the help of commentaries, dictionaries, Bible Translations, etc can do this).

I have told MANY people about it and it is really such a great tool to use. What’s nice for me is the many features it has making studying the Bible EASY – and to make it even better – its FREE.

Rick Meyers – the guy who wrote the program – really puts Jesus’ words into action of “Freely you received, freely give.”


It is VERY USER FRIENDLY. As you click on a verse, it will automatically bring up all the commentaries of many different authors on the right. If you were to click on a specific word, it would bring up all the different dictionaries explaining this word at the bottom.


Since you can install many bible translations, commentaries and dictionaries, it really becomes a feature rich applications. One of the features I like is to put a few bible translations next to each other to get a deeper understanding on what is being said.


You can also install maps and many other tools which will help you understand the context better.

I really like the fact that if you hover over a word in the KJV+ translation, then you will see the original Greek / Hebrew, depending on which part of the Bible you are in. (Making it easy for the normal man on the street – like myself – to understand what was actually said and meant by each verse.)

GO AHEAD and download it now!! Make sure to grab all the add-ons as well. It’s really an “eye opener” on the Word. Get it HERE.

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  1. thanks so much for this post,
    peace brother, Let His ministry spread to the ends of the world, hallelujah.

  2. Yes - I would just love all people to get to experience what I did the day He became SO real to me and took all my sins upon Himself. WOw - its SUCH a nice hope to hold onto - eternity with God himself. It's going to be great and I want to take as MANY people as possible with me :)