Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Windows Live Writer


Have you ever wanted to blog offline?

Like many other people I am not always connected to the internet, but sometimes I just quickly want to add something to my blog. The last few months I checked the internet to watch for any free apps which would allow me to blog on my desktop (while offline) and then upload the blog later.

I saw an article on Blog.gears, but the fact that it didn’t have the featured I wanted was not appealing. In the one blog on Blog.gears I read about Windows Live Writer.

I had a look at their site here and saw that it is easy to share photos, videos and LOTS more. The nice thing for me is that it supports blogs to many services including: Windows Live, Word Press, Blogger and many more.

I am pleased to say that this is my first blog from Windows Live Writer and so far my experience is very positive. It is feature rich and makes it very easy to blog. It also has an inline preview and you can add extra plug-ins. This is a great app.

Well, have a BLESSED Christmas and a happy new year.

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